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WhatsApp Business Introduces Major AI and Verification Updates, Indian User Get It First

WhatsApp Business is set to undergo significant enhancements, including an artificial intelligence (AI) upgrade aimed at automating communications for business owners. Announced during a recent event in São Paulo, Meta unveiled a new AI-powered chatbot for WhatsApp Business, alongside the rollout of the Meta Verified badge. Notably, India will be among the first markets to experience these innovations, with testing also underway for a new calling functionality for business accounts.


AI-Powered Assistant for WhatsApp Business

Meta has been progressively integrating its Llama-3 AI model across various platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. The latest development sees the introduction of an AI assistant for WhatsApp Business users. This assistant leverages the capabilities of a large language model, enabling it to perform general text-based tasks and even generate images.

In a recent newsroom post, Meta detailed the AI’s functionality: “We’re training AI to respond to the most popular questions businesses receive on WhatsApp, so they can quickly help customers find the answers they’re seeking.” Unlike traditional pre-written response systems, this AI assistant is designed to provide intelligent, context-aware responses tailored to customer needs. It can also be utilized for marketing purposes, offering products and services to potentially interested customers. This AI-driven approach aims to streamline communication and increase reliance on automated systems for businesses.

Currently, this AI feature is being tested and will be rolled out initially in India and Singapore, with Brazil to follow shortly. It remains unclear whether the rollout will be limited to select users or made available to all WhatsApp Business accounts in these regions.


Meta Verified Badge for WhatsApp Business

In addition to the AI enhancements, Meta is extending its Verified badge program to WhatsApp Business accounts. Previously introduced on Facebook and Instagram, the Meta Verified badge will now appear as a white checkmark within a green starburst circle next to the business name on WhatsApp. This badge signifies that a business has registered its information with Meta and qualifies for advanced account support.

The Meta Verified badge will be visible on the WhatsApp Channel and the custom WhatsApp page for businesses. The rollout has commenced in India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Colombia, enhancing the credibility and trustworthiness of businesses on the platform.


Testing of Call Functionality for Business Accounts

Meta is also exploring a new call functionality for WhatsApp Business accounts. This feature will enable customers to directly call larger businesses via WhatsApp, facilitating quicker resolution of issues and more efficient handling of complex inquiries. Although Meta has not provided a specific timeline for the launch, the testing phase indicates a move towards more comprehensive communication solutions within WhatsApp Business.


These updates mark a significant step in the evolution of WhatsApp Business, as Meta continues to innovate and integrate advanced technologies to support business communication and customer engagement. As these features roll out, businesses in the initial markets of India and Brazil will be the first to benefit from enhanced automation and verified credibility, setting a new standard for digital business interactions.

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